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Sonex Aircraft, LLC has implemented powerful mailing list management software that allows more active updating of Sonex and AeroConversions news, events, and technical support resources, delivered right to your email in-box!

News for Prospective Customers
If you are newly interested in Sonex Aircraft or AeroConversions Products, and want to follow only the most major announcements, offers and events, sign-up for the News for Prospective Sonex and AeroConversions Customers opt-in email list. This mailing list receives very few messages, approximately 15-20 messages per year, to remind folks about upcoming events, new product announcements or other significant developments. Never fear though, we do fully-honor unsubscribes, and you may follow the unsubscribe links in any list generated message, at any time. Subscribe Today!

Sonex and AeroConversions Web Updates
The Sonex and AeroConversions Web Updates mailing list generates automated emails whenever one of our RSS feeds (see below) are updated with new posts to our web sites. You can manage your subscription to determine what kind of web site updates you want to receive notification of. Subscribe Today!

Hornets' Nest R&D Updates
Since the unveiling of our latest research and development projects via the Hornets' Nest R&D web site, we have received a tremendous amount of interest, and many "put me on your list" messages. The Hornets' Nest R&D Updates mailing list will notify you of updates to the Hornets' Nest web site, and you can manage your subscription to determine which R&D projects you're interested in receiving news about. Subscribe Today!

Sonex Aircraft YouTube Channel

Watch hours of Sonex related video footage on our YouTube channel! Subscribe to automatically receive notices of new postings. Find factory-produced videos, customer YouTube channels, and our playlist of favorite customer videos at:

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Become a Fan, and get the latest news and information on your Facebook News page! Sonex Aircraft and AeroConversions Products have an official Facebook presence at:

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Sonex Aircraft Web Updates, news and events are now available on Twitter at:

Sonex RSS Services

What is RSS?
RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are an easy and efficient way to recieve notification when new information is available in a specific area of interest.

How Can I Benefit From RSS?
RSS feeds save time, allowing users to recieve notification only when new content is available. Web site visitors choose the information they wish to subscribe to and can unsubscribe from any feed at any point.

How Do I Subscribe to RSS Feeds?
First you will need an RSS feed reader (also called a news aggregator) there are a number of RSS readers available, and modern versions of many web browser and email applications have RSS aggregation capability built-in. A short list is available at

RSS readers are simply programs that display the contents of an RSS feed in an easy to read format.

Once you have an RSS reader you simply click the icon or a link to the RSS feed and paste it into your RSS reader. Some readers will auto detect the precense of an RSS feed on a website and you can optionally choose to subscribe.

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