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Sonex Aircraft Complete Airframe Kits

The Fastest, Most Economical way to Kit Build!!!

Sonex Aircraft Complete Airframe Kits for Sonex Aircraft represent the best values in the aircraft market today. Savings are realized in a large Complete Airframe Kit package discount, incentives, and savings in shipping over the life of the project.

What's Included:

Sonex Aircraft Complete Airframe Kits include many labor and time saving features including laser-cut skins with pilot holes, pre-formed wing and tail ribs, welded components, formed aluminum, and pre-molded fiberglass parts. A complete listing of kit components is below (click on the name of each component for a detailed description):

Reduce Your Build-Time With
Kit Upgrades!

Machined Angle Component Kit:

The Optional Machined Angle Component Kit can save approximately 200 hours of build time. Included in B-Model Kits!

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Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spars:

The Optional Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spar can save approximately 30-60 hours of build time and eliminates the need to perform any solid riveting. Included in B-Model Kits!

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Those interested in scratch-building the Sonex may order any of the above materials kits after purchasing plans. Note: Scratch Building not available for Waiex, Xenos or Onex.

What's Not Included:

Engine: There are three approved engines for Sonex aircraft: AeroVee 2180 80hp; Jabiru 3300 120hp; Jabiru 2200 80hp. To find out more, view the Engines page.

Propeller: Sonex Aircraft, LLC works very closely with propeller manufacturers to engineer optimum props for Sonex airframe and engine combinations. To find out more, view the Propellers page.

Instruments: Builders have many options when it comes to selecting instruments. Sonex sells MGL Avionics instrument packages direct to Sonex aircraft builders. To find out more, view the Instruments page.

Upholstry: Builders can make their own upholstry, or choose from Sonex Aircraft's selection of attractive upholstry packages. For more information about Sonex interiors, view the Upholstry page.

Tools: Sonex Aircraft were designed to be constructed with minimal tools, however a small investment in your workshop will be required to get the job done. For more information about tools, view the Required Tools page.

The Bottom Line:

What Will my Project Cost? View our Pricing page for detailed pricing information, including a completed aircraft cost estimating worksheet, and see why Sonex aircraft offer the Best Sport Aircraft Performance Per Dollar!


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