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Xenos Motorglider

B-Model Features Have Made it to the Xenos!

Sonex Aircraft is extremely pleased to announce the new Xenos B-Model! The Xenos-B is available to order now, and kits are shipping. Additionally, Xenos-B Conversion Kits are Now Available!

The Xenos-B combines all of the great enhancements of the Sonex and Waiex B-Models with the outstanding motorglider performance and value of the Xenos:

More Cockpit &
Panel Space

Room to Share! Sonex and Waiex B-Models are enlarged via straightening of the forward fuselage sides, and feature improved creature comforts:

  • More width and comfort at the shoulders, hips, knees and feet.
  • Seat back is moved aft, and new seating geometry accommodates taller individuals. Staggered seating is available via upholstery seat back cushions.
  • Center “Y-Stick” offers dual controls with easier cockpit entry and roomier seating.

More Panel Space: The enlarged B-Model instrument panel offers plenty of space for today’s popular dual-screen avionics installations (including the MGL iEFIS Explorer 8.5” displays) with room to spare.

More Engine Options

A new Universal Cowl is designed to fit many popular engine options. Builders can experience the same great firewall-forward support for AeroVee/AeroVee Turbo and Jabiru engines, and in addition, B-Model engine mounts are available for UL Power and Rotax 912-series engines. Read More about Engine Options

More Fuel

The new B-Model fuel tank holds 20 US gallons – a 4-gallon increase over the original Xenos!

More Standard Features and Less Build Time! Xenos B-Model kits come with more of what you need to finish your aircraft in the shortest time possible:

  • Machined Angle Components Included*
  • AeroBrake Hydraulic Brakes Included
  • Dual Throttle Quadrants Included
  • AeroConversions Trim System Included
  • ABS Molded Cockpit Side Panels, Cable and Pushrod Fairings Included
  • Precision-molded cowling is installed quickly and easily
  • Engine mount bolts quickly and accurately to the airframe
  • More laser-cut, formed and machined parts to reduce fabrication time and ease construction
  • Machined Canopy Bows for easier canopy installation with a perfect fit
  • Plus all the great features of existing kits: See What’s Included!

*Some Xenos angle parts are fabricated by builder, Assembled Wing Spars available at additional cost.

The Same Great Xenos Flight Characteristics: The best part of a Sonex Aircraft is the way it flies, and the B-Model Xenos will be no-exception!

  • Lightening the aircraft in key areas without sacrificing structural integrity gives the B-Model a very similar weight despite it’s larger size.
  • Performance specifications are equal. Takeoff, climb, cruise, stall, landing: the specifications are the same between B-Models and the original generation aircraft.
  • More engine options with 100 hp or more offers more options for enhanced performance with your B-Model.

Read the Xenos Stall/Spin Flight Test Data by professional test pilot Roger Tanner.


Buy Your Xenos B-Model Kit Today!

Xenos B-Model Kits:
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The Bottom Line: What will my project cost?

Xenos-B Conversion Kits Available!
Convert your existing Xenos to a B-Model for under $10,000 (base price)!

Conversion Kits:
See All Pricing and

PDF Order Form

Read More About Conversion Kits

Xenos B-Model Specifications


19' 9"
Wing Span (Utility):
45' 8"
Wing Span (Aerobatic, solo):
39' 4"
Wing Area (Utility):
158 sq ft
Wing Area (Aerobatic, solo):
144 sq ft
Tail Configuration:
Tail Height: 59"
Tail Width--with tail tips:
(interior width required for enclosed trailer)
Main Gear Width: 71" (with wheel pants)
Primary Structure:
6061 Aluminum
Cockpit Width (entire cockpit!):
Fuel Capacity:
20 US Gal
Stall Speed (clean):
44 mph [71 km/h]
Maneuvering Speed:
115 mph [185 km/h]
Never Exceed Speed (Vne):
150 mph [241 km/h]



  AeroVee 80hp Jabiru 120hp

Empty Weight

750 lbs 760 lbs
Baggage (Max) 40 lbs 40 lbs
Range 500 miles 437 miles
Cruise Speed @ Sea Level* 100 mph 120 mph
Cruise Speed @ 8000 ft (TAS) 120 mph 140 mph
Power Loading (GW/HP) 15.938 10.625
T.O. Distance 300 ft 250 ft
Landing Distance 300 ft 300 ft
Service Ceiling (Calculated) 29,000 ft 34,000 ft
Utility Category AeroVee 80hp Jabiru 120hp
Gross Weight 1275 lbs 1275 lbs
Useful Load 525 lbs 515 lbs
Rate of Climb 800-1000 fpm 1200-1400 fpm
Positive Load Factor +4.4 Gs +4.4 Gs
Negative Load Factor -2.2 Gs -2.2 Gs
L/D 24:1 24:1
CG Limits 25-36% Wing Chord 25-36% Wing Chord
Aerobatic Category AeroVee 80hp Jabiru 120hp
Gross Weight - Aerobatic 1050 lbs 1050 lbs
Rate of Climb 1000-1250 fpm 2000+ fpm
Positive Load Factor +6.0 Gs +6.0 Gs
Negative Load Factor -3.0 Gs -3.0 Gs
CG Limits 25-32% Wing Chord 25-32% Wing Chord

 *Note: All Models meet FAA Sport Pilot Regulations at maximum continuous power at Sea Level, as required. Read More...

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Xenos Glide Polars

Xenos Polar
(click to enlarge)

Xenos Polar Comparison
(click to enlarge)

About the Xenos:

The XENOS follows in the Monnett tradition of bringing the cost of motor gliding to a highly affordable level. Using the same cost-effective and easy-to-build construction techniques and materials of the Sonex and Waiex, the Xenos offers another Reality Check for the soaring world. The Xenos comes standard with utility wing tips that can be easily removed to fit inside a 40 foot hangar, and can be quickly interchanged with optional aerobatic wingtips.

The Xenos can either be flown as a Sport Pilot/LSA, or it can be flown by pilots that hold a glider rating with a self-launch glider endorsement. The Xenos can be flown as a powered aircraft, a self-launched glider that soars with the engine off, or it can motor-soar over great distances with incredible fuel economy.

Xenos Development Archive: First released in 2003, the long-awaited Xenos motorglider was developed over a period of years by Sonex Aircraft, LLC and the progress of Xenos development, including Wing Load Test Documentation, has been preserved in this archive.
Read the Xenos Development online Archive

The Next Generation of Xenos: B-Models have completely replaced the original Xenos in the Sonex Aircraft product lineup.

  • Original model Xenos Sub-Kits will still be available to those needing to complete their existing projects.
  • All original Xenos aircraft will continue to receive full support, including legacy parts availability, if registered with Sonex Aircraft. As demand for legacy parts decreases, lead times may increase.

Xenos Certification Tips from EAA: Find out how to properly register your Xenos as a motorglider with the FAA.

B-Model Conversion Kit Considerations:

B-Model Conversion Kits are now available! Please Read the following important information:

  • No exchanges of legacy Xenos parts are available.
  • Builders will have to get their projects to a defined "starting point" for conversion. That may mean either building-up to the point where changes begin to take place, or removing parts to get "back" to the starting point of conversion changes.  All Fuselage changes occur forward of the #2 fuselage formers. Wing changes involve the wing root ribs and trimming of inboard wing skins.
  • Depending upon a project’s status and condition, builders may need to fabricate or purchase replacement legacy (A-Model) parts at additional expense that are not part of the conversion kit. This will be more likely if builders need to remove parts to return to the conversion’s defined "starting point."
  • No "partial conversions" will be supported — Sonex Aircraft can only offer support for construction as defined in the plans that are provided for conversion.
  • Wing conversion kits do not include new B-Model wing skins, as the conversion is most economically made by trimming existing wing skins. Builders may opt to purchase new B-Model wing skins at additional expense.
  • Builders must retain their original legacy plans set with their projects and legacy aircraft serial numbers will not be valid for building additional projects. Legacy aircraft that have been converted will receive a version of their original serial number that includes a conversion designator.
  • See our list of legacy Xenos kit parts NOT used in B-Model Conversions (preliminary, subject to change without notice).
Order Xenos B-Model Conversion Kits Online   Download the Xenos B-Model Conversion Kit Order Form
Xenos-B Image Gallery

First Article Xenos-B Airframe Quick Build

First Article Xenos-B Airframe Quick Build

First Article Xenos-B Airframe Quick Build

B-Model Cockpit and Panel

B-Model Cockpit

B-Model Canopy Latch with Vent Position

B-Model Machined Canopy and Windshield Bows

B-Model with AeroVee Turbo Installed

B-Model Easy Bolt-On Engine Mounts

B-Model AeroVee/AeroVee Turbo Mounts Available

B-Model Jabiru Mounts Available

B-Model UL Power Mounts Available

B-Model Rotax Mounts Available

B-Models Feature Beautiful New Cowlings
that can be Easily Installed

B-Models Feature AeroConversions
as a Standard Feature

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